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2020 is here! It's time to freshen it all up. Give the listeners something FRESH, UNIQUE and NOW! I know budgets are tough BUT you can have the best knowledge, latest music test updates and a real direction for 2020 and beyond. Call 954-520-4928. Let's talk your situation. I bet I can make it sound better and give you a better bottom line!

The listener and client need total attention! Can you deliver that now? Don't be a radio station in the closet. Be LIVE and NOW!

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Great Radio Stations start with Great Programming!


Bob Hamilton has programmed some of America's most listened to stations in these formats:

Bob Hamilton programs Adult Standards Radio Stations

Adult Standards

Bob Hamilton programs Classic Hits Radio Stations

Classic Hits

Bob Hamilton programs Talk and AC Radio Stations

Adult Contemporary - Talk

Some of Hamilton Communications previous partners:

GCC, RKO Radio, King Broadcasting, CBS, Clear Channel, Route 81 Radio, First Broadcasting, AM-FM, Chancellor and more.

Bob's career began in 1963 when he broke into major markets as an on-air personality at WIBG and WFIL Philadelphia. He then began programming legendary stations like WIFI 92 FM and became the architect of K-EARTH 101. Other programming successes included 93 KHJ, KSFO, KYA-FM, KFRC AM Majic 61, KFRC-FM, KYLD, KSOL, K-101, KABL, KNEW, KBGG, KSAN, and Majic 102.7.

"You know, Bob Hamilton has never had a radio programming failure!" -- Paul Drew

It's all really about Great Programming.

About Hamilton Communications

Hamilton Communications was formed in 1983 and has been in business serving the programming, sales, management, promotion and engineering needs of great broadcasters.

Ratings and revenue are our true purpose. Winning is the desired direction. We are not content just to have a client, our purpose is to please you with the best service and direction the business has to offer.

We consult all formats but lean towards adult formats. Our specialty is Oldies/Classic Hits, Adult Standards, AC and talk stations. We have built groups, individual stations from the ground up. We have been involved daily for the past 35 years in only four markets, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami as either VP General Manager, Market Operations/Programming Manager.

Our job is to understand YOUR situation. Learn the stations, market and competitors. Offer ideas that work. Do so with insight into your personal situation. Offer a way to win! Communication is the answer to your problems and needs. We know how to build a station and bring in the right people to make you a winner. Our personal touch does make a difference. No one else but Bob Hamilton to deal with to solve your stations problems. We are honest, sincere and customize your station to your market.

There are few radio programmers in the nation who understand the dynamic between a radio station and a listener. Hire Bob Hamilton immediately and your radio station will take on a new life with a loyal audience and increased sales. -- Lloyd Bankson Roach, CEO Brandywine Radio


Custom Programming Consultation

  • » Personal touch - always available to solve problems either by phone on in person
  • » We visit your market a minimum quarterly or another arranged situation. It's your call
  • » A market visit to size up your personal situation. Offer options to make our relationship work
  • » Meet your people and be a part of the winning team
  • » Music system set up, coding, review weekly with your people
  • » Plus custom consultation based on your unique station/market needs

Bob Hamilton with Bette Midler at KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Bob Hamilton and Bette Midler

Bob Hamilton with Cyndi Lauper at 93 KHJ Los Angeles

Bob Hamilton and Cyndi Lauper

Bob Hamilton with Frankie Avalon

Bob Hamilton with Frankie Avalon

Bob Hamilton with James Brown at KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Bob Hamilton and James Brown

Bob Hamilton with Hall and Oates and Kelly Summer at KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Bob Hamilton with Kelly Summer and Hall & Oates

Bob Hamilton with Kenny Loggins and Friends

Bob Hamilton with Kenny Loggins

Bob Hamilton with Neal Schon at KRTH K-Earth 101 Los Angeles

Bob Hamilton and Neal Schon

"I went to school working for Bob Hamilton at KRTH. He amazed me with what he did to make KRTH a top station in Los Angeles... and he's had many more successes that followed." -- Guy Zapoleon, iHeart Media